Project #2: Automating web forms with Greasemonkey Requirements: Get Greasemonkey here (Firefox) Get Tampermonkey here (Chrome) Download the completed script here Greasemonkey (Firefox) or Tampermonkey (Chrome) are valuable tools when working with web apps or web-based systems. What they do is allow you to run your own javascript on certain web pages specified in the script. This means if you want to make a change to the interface of something web-based without going through whoever designed or hosts the system, you can. If that still seems unclear, here’s a concrete example: say you have to fill out a web-based form over and over again. MaybeRead More →

Introduction There are a lot of tasks we do in our lives that could benefit from automation. Things that we do over and over with little change, or sometimes things that require close precision or constant attention. In the physical world that can be tricky, requiring parts, labour and expertise that makes automation impractical. When that repetitive task involves a computer, automation is much easier. In this series I will be documenting the process of automating a variety of tasks using a variety of automation technologies. By demonstrating the breadth and ease of automating, I hope that the reader is able to understand what isRead More →